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Cartshaft News

Saturday 13th November we held the fourth Blues V Reds Day in honour of Cokney Al.

The two teams consisted of 7 players on each side this year. Each player played snooker, pool, 501 and the bullhorn. The Blues were in front 7 to 4 but the Reds came back! It was nip and tuck until the last game of snooker but the Reds eventually won 13 to 15.

Well done to Andy Goodwin, Blues and Rick Flynn, Reds as they won all their four games.

Each winner won a pint on Cockney Al thanks to Anne West.

The first Blues V Reds the score was 20 to 20. The second the Blues won 24 to 16 and the third games the Reds won 21 to 19.


Our amazing staff on Remembrance Sunday 2019

 DEBBIE, JOHN AND SUE                   

Sunday 15th August 2021

At last we're back to normal! We had a fantastic day for the 2021 Individuals Knockouts. Tog had a very busy day!

The results are as follows:

Tog beat Wobble in the finals at crib.

Stez beat Tog in the finals at 501 darts.

John Collinson beat Tony Flynn at pool.

Tog beat Carl Greaves at snooker.


Unfortunately, we couldn't hold the 2021 Pairs Knockouts due to Covid.


Sunday 27th September 2020.

This year's Individual Knockout was affected by Covid 19 to the extent that we could only play pool and snooker. Hopefully, we can play crib and darts later on in the year. It was the first time ever that in all the semi-final 

games there was a different player. The results are:

Snooker: Pete Horton beat Nellie Clarke 2-1 after very close black ball games.

Pool: Rick Flynn beat Dean Smith winning the pool knockouts for the second time.

Sunday 15th March 2020.

The results of the Pairs Knockouts are as follows:

Snooker: Tommy Birch and Dean Smith beat Rick Flynn and Paddy Foran

Pool: Wobble and Nellie Clarke as Tog and Micky Neild had to concede their game.

Crib: Tommy Birch and Gaz Butterworth beat Wobble and Nellie Clarke.

Darts: Tony Flynn and Mark Whitney beat Tog and Micky Neild.

An exciting final's day with a few surprises.


The 2019 Individual's Knockout was held on Sunday 29th September. Snooker was the surprise of the competition with Jayne Pinkney beating Scott Dawson 2-0. Micky Neild beat Debbie Stevenson at darts 2-0. Wobble Clarke won Crib, now 3 years on the run, beating John Collinson and Wobble also won pool beating Rick Flynn 2-1. Thanks to all that took part.


The 2019 Pairs Knockout. The semi finals and finals day was held on Sunday 24th March. Thanks to all that took part, it was the best final's day ever! The results are: Pool runners up are Micky Neild and Tog, the winners Craig Martin and Phil Leonard. Darts runners up are Mick and Tog again, the winners Carl 'Bomber' Sneyd and Stez (Stu). Crib runners up are Tommy Birch and Glenn Dawson the winners Craig and Phil again. Snooker runners up are Danny Trainer and Glenn, the winners Bomber and Stez again.

The Individuals Knockout 2018. Another brilliant day was had by all. The results are: Pool runner up Baz English, winner Nellie. Darts runner up Micky Neild, winner Tog. Crib runner up Tog, winner Wobble. Snooker runner up Nellie, winner Justin. Thanks to Micky and Tog for donating their winnings to Dr. Kershaw's Hospice

The 2018 Pairs Knockout. The semi finals and finals day was held on Saturday 10th March. Thanks to all that took part. the results are:

Pool runners up are Kenny and Wobble, the winners Justin and Nellie.

Darts runners up are Mick and Tog, the winners Justin and Nellie.

Crib runners up are Mick and Tog, the winners Gaz and Yvonne.

Snooker runners up are Justin and Nellie, the winners Mick and Tog.

The Individuals Knockout 2017. A brilliant day was had by all. The results are: Pool runner up Nellie, winner Wobble. Darts runner up Dougie Pem, winner Baz English. Crib runner up Nellie, winner Wobble, again.

Snooker runner up Danny Trainer, winner John Collinson (the new kid on the block!)

Well done to the Cartshaft Ladies Darts Team for winning the league, for winning the team pairs, for jointly winning the Gallon Trophy, the Gallon Least Arrows and runner up in the most wins. An amazing result, well done to you all!

The Pairs Knockout 2017:

Another good day with a surprising win in the darts final. Phil Buckley and Rick Flynn beating Cockney Al and Wobble. The pool was won by Nellie and Justin beating Gaz and Baz. The same two also beat Whit and Brendan in a marathon game of snooker. The crib was won by Tommy and Glenn beating Nellie and Justin.









The Individials Knockout 2016

Once again a great day was had by all. The results are:

Pool runner up Rick Flynn, winner Oky.

Darts runner up Woody, winner Baz English.

Crib runner up Baz English, winner Yvonne Pemberton.

Snooker runner up Gaz Butterworth, winner Baz English.

Baz stole the show this year!

The Pairs Knockout 2016.

Again a brilliant day was had by all. The results were as followsSnooker runners up James Wood and Paddy Foran, winners Warren Clarke and Kenny.

Crib runners up Tommy Birch and Glen Dawson, winners Geraldine and Col Jones.

Darts runners up Hannah Patterson and Gary Butterworth, winners James Wood and Paddy Foran.

Pool runners up James Wood and Paddy Foran, winners Warren clarke and Kenny.

2015 Knockouts: The results of the Individuals in August are as follows:

Snooker: Nellie Clarke beat Danny Trainer.

Darts: Stu Stevenson beat Cockney Al.



The results of the Pairs in March are as follows:

Snooker: Wobble and Everton Ken beat Danny Trainer and Dean Smith.

Darts: Stu Stevenson and Doug Pemberton beat Paul Rinx and Afro.



The Cartshaft Individual's Knockout 2014.

On August Bank Holiday Monday the annual individuals knockout were held and the results were as follows:

Snooker runner up Tog, winner Baz English,

crib runner up Yvonne Pemberton, winner Jacky

Donnelly, darts runner up Baz English, winner Cockney Al and pool runner up Yvonne Pemberton, winner Richard Flynn.

The Cartshaft Pairs Knockout 2014.

A great day was had on Sunday, 16th March for the 'Pairs Knockout Finals Day'. The winners were Tony Baker and Frank Hayes for crib, Tog and Micky Nield for darts, Shaun Cockcroft and Dean Smith for pool and Neil Clarke and Jamie Lyndley for snooker. Well done to you all. A special thankyou to Les and Tog for providing the butties.







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